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SunSouth Medical Center

Primary Care Practice located in Morrow, GA

Wellness visits are an important part of preserving your overall health and a need that should not be overlooked. At SunSouth Medical Center in Morrow, Georgia, Antony Labady, MD, offers outstanding wellness care in a warm and welcoming environment. Book an appointment today to discuss what wellness means to you and to learn more about the wellness services available through the practice. Online scheduling is available or you can always call the office to check appointment availability.

Wellness Q & A

What are wellness visits?

Wellness visits are annual appointments with your primary care physician for the purpose of creating or modifying an individualized disease-prevention plan. These visits are covered under Medicare and are especially important for older adults.

As you age, your health needs can begin to shift and change more rapidly than when you are in your younger years. Annual wellness visits are an opportunity to review any changes you’ve noticed over the past year and look ahead and plan for your future health.

You can expect your initial wellness visit to be longer than subsequent visits, as a significant amount of information is collected during your first appointment. Bringing in details about your personal and family health history and a list of medications can help things go smoothly.

What types of screenings are available during wellness visits?

During your wellness visits, you can expect your provider at SunSouth Medical Center to gather information about your height, weight, heart and lung function, blood pressure, and more. The results are added to your personal medical record.

Some of the screenings you might receive include:

  • Cognitive function
  • Risk of falling
  • Hearing function
  • Depression

You’ll also discuss your health risk levels for various diseases common among your age and sex. Your doctor will guide you on the best ways to prevent those problems. A review of your existing treatment plans and medications is also part of the process.

If your provider notes any specific areas of concern, you’ll receive counseling on how to make improvements. Examples include weight loss, increasing physical activity, smoking cessation, and enhancing your nutrition.

What can I do to enhance my wellness?

One of the most important steps is to understand your current state of health and make improvements as necessary. This can be accomplished by scheduling routine annual exams, which are an opportunity to work with your primary care physician to get the care needed for your age and sex.

SunSouth Medical Center offers a Wellness Clinic to help you address health needs as they arise. The clinic is run in conjunction with the practice’s primary care services, so you can rest assured you’ll always have access to professionals who can help, no matter your level of need.

A thorough assessment of your lifestyle and health habits is also a great way to incorporate wellness techniques into your daily life. Whether it’s setting aside time to meet with friends, trying new healthful foods, or taking up a new form of exercise, the choices you make each day go a long way toward shaping your wellness.

Book your wellness visit online or over the phone today. There’s never a bad time to begin a new path toward wellness.