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Well Child Exams

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SunSouth Medical Center

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Well-child visits are an essential part of helping your child stay healthy and happy. Families in and around Morrow, Georgia, have a valuable resource in Antony Labady, MD, at SunSouth Medical Center. The medical practice loves working with its youngest patients and enjoys the opportunity to begin building a life of optimal health and wellness. Set up your child’s exam today with a quick phone call or visit to the online booking page.

Well Child Exams Q & A

What happens during well-child visits?

Well-child visits usually begin just a few days after you welcome your child into the world and continue until your child turns 18 and transitions into adult care. These visits are an opportunity to get the screenings and developmental tracking your child needs and to address health issues in the earliest possible stages.

SunSouth Medical Center gathers information about your child’s height, weight, lung and heart function, skin condition, reflexes, and basic neurological function during each visit. This data is recorded in your child’s personal medical record.

Over time, that record develops into an important resource for your child’s health. It allows you and your doctor to track development against the statistical averages for your child’s age and sex. It also tracks changes over time, allowing your doctor to identify areas of concern as they arise.

Vaccinations are also an important part of well-child visits. Your provider can advise you which vaccines are appropriate and answer any questions you have about immunization in general.

Why bring my child to see the doctor if they aren’t sick?

When you wait until your child is ill to see the doctor, they miss out on many of the benefits of annual well-child visits. Not only can you fall behind on immunizations and developmental screening, you also miss the opportunity for your child to bond with their doctor and develop a positive opinion about health care.

No one is at their best when they feel ill, and kids have a hard time relaxing and enjoying their time with the doctor and nursing staff when they’re hurting. This can lead them to make a subconscious connection between health care and feeling ill, which can keep them from getting the care they need as adults.

How can I help my child enjoy well-child visits?

The best way to make well-child visits a positive experience is to schedule them each and every year and speak about them in a positive manner. For kids who are already fearful of going to the doctor, it can help to bring them along for your own routine wellness visits.

Once they see there’s nothing to fear, they can begin looking forward to their own visit. There are also numerous excellent children’s books written about going to see the doctor, with options for every age range.

If your child needs a well-child exam, call SunSouth Medical Center today to schedule an appointment. Online booking is also available and makes it easy to find a time that fits your busy life.