At SunSouth Medical Center, we start treating children as early as two months old. We take pride in being the primary care doctor that you can rely on when your child is sick but a lot of children have issues with going to the doctor. They have a lot of fear and anxiety when it comes to seeing a doctor which can be traumatic to the child. But as their parent, you have the ability to help them.

Separation anxiety

Some children fear that they will be left alone in the exam room with the doctor. Being separated from their parent is a fear that is common in children under seven.


Many kids are afraid of having to get a shot. They have realized that the majority of the time they go to the doctor, they will need an injection.

The Doctor

Kids are not good readers of facial expressions and can often misinterpret what the doctor is doing and saying. They may feel that the doctor is being stern when they are not.

The Unknown

Young children may believe that a situation is worse than the adults are letting on which can lead to more anxiety. They often think the worst when it comes to a diagnosis.

When it comes to helping your child overcome their fear of seeing their primary care doctor, each parent will have their own methods but in our next blog, we would like to help you by giving you some tips to ease their fear and anxieties. You don’t want to miss our next blog!