In our last blog, we talked about some of the reasons why you should choose to go to an urgent care instead of the emergency department. We told you that it is cheaper to go to urgent care and that insurance plans usually have a co-pay for urgent care trips. We also told you that your wait time would be shorter than it would be in the ED. In this blog, we offer even more reasons you should visit our urgent care.


When you visit our urgent care facility you will not feel like you have been inconvenienced at all. You won’t have to hike a mile and a half from your car to the front door as our parking lot is relatively small. You will also get help fast since we aren’t as busy as the ED.

More Efficient

Urgent care facilities are more efficient because you are not having to deal with several different departments to find out what ails you. You will talk with one doctor the whole time you are at our urgent care so you don’t have to waste time repeating your symptoms to everyone who walks into your room.

No extras

When you are in the ED, doctors may feel the need to do test after test to figure out what is causing your symptoms. You have to get lab work and scans or x-rays only to find nothing out of the ordinary. This costs you more money than you would expect. At our urgent care, you will only get the tests that you need and this will save you money.

Less paperwork

Emergency departments often have more than one department that will send you a bill. You could get bills for the x-ray, the lab, and the cat scan you had to take. At urgent care, you are dealing with a single department and will get as few bills as we can manage.

Less sick people

Last time you were sitting in the emergency room, how many people were there waiting along with you? Our guess is that there were several sick people waiting to be seen. At SunSouth, it is a rare thing to see more than a handful of people sitting in our waiting room at a time, which means there is less of a change of you catching the illness someone else has.


Many EDs don’t have the medications that you are prescribed after you are seen. This means that you have spent all of this time waiting to be seen and when you find out what is wrong with you, you have to make a separate trip to the pharmacy. At urgent care, you will get the medication that you need before you leave our medical center.

We care!

An emergency department’s main goal is to see as many patients as possible. There is no way that the doctors can get to know about you when they are rushing to get a diagnosis. At SunSouth Medical Center, we take the time to get to know you and why you came in to see us.

Going to an urgent care is a much better experience than going to an emergency room. Next time you are feeling sick, please come and see us.