We’ll help you feel better quicker.

At SunSouth Medical Center, we treat our patients like family. It’s just that simple. That means we care about you, your time, your needs, your beliefs, and your concerns. We make an effort to understand the kind of medical care you are looking for, and we make it a point to deliver that care with a level excellence you can count on—because your health always comes first here.

When we started SunSouth Medical Center, we knew that we would stand out by treating the patient first. That means that we have streamlined our processes, ensuring that you have the smallest wait time you’ve ever had and limiting your paperwork so that your appointment time can be used as it should be—with your doctor. In this way, you are able to get back to your life and feel better quicker.

We are passionate about our patients’ health. From the moment you call or walk into our office, you become part of our family, and are treated with the respect you deserve. Because of this, we don’t believe that you should ever have to compromise your health simply because you can’t afford quality care. It is our duty to minimize your medical costs, and this includes treating Medicare and Medicaid patients with the same level of care that our patients have come to expect from us.

Thirty minutes is all it takes, you can even stop by on your lunch hour. We do our best to make you feel your best, and that is why we are Marrow’s Top Rated Local® primary care clinic. Call us 24/7 with any medical needs, or stop by our office today and start feeling better quicker.